Product recall procedure

  1. Upon receiving customer complaints or advice from relevant authorities related to potential hazard, the Trading Personnel shall record the problem details into Product Recall Report and shall inform the Director on this issue. The details shall include the delivery description such as shipment number and production date.
  2. Trading Personnel shall identify the classification potential hazards and shall call a meeting within the specify time frame.
  3. Recall Member shall conduct health hazard evaluation presented by the affected product by taking into account of the following factors:

    a. Whether any disease or injuries have already occurred from the use of the products.

    b. Whether any existing conditions could contribute to a clinical situation that could expose human to a health hazard.

    c. Assessment of hazards to various segments of the population, e.g. children, elderly, etc, with particular attention paid to the hazard to those individuals who may be at greatest risk.

    d. Assessment of the degree of seriousness of health hazard to which the population risks would be exposed.

    e. Assessment of the likelihood of occurrence of the hazard.

    g. Assessment of consequences (immediate or long-range) of occurrence of the hazard.

  4. Recall Member shall evaluate the above hazards by accessing respective production records and analytic results for the batch of the affected product. Minutes shall be recorded on the decision and action plan.
  5. Recall Member shall terminate the recall process immediately if no risk is identified.
  6. However, upon confirming recall, Trading Department Head shall inform officially to the affected customer and respective relevant authorities. Meanwhile, Director shall act as spokesperson to attend all media inquiries and issuance of a press release.
  7. Meanwhile, Recall Member shall identify affected product stock availability in cold storage by referring to the production date stated on carton boxes. All affected products shall be documented.
  8. Quality Department Head shall withdraw samples from the affected products and shall arrange the above samples to accredited laboratory to verify the hazardous of the affected products. Quality Department Head shall compile all related records and results, into Product Recall Report.
  9. If the result is negative, Trading Department Head shall inform respective customer and relevant authorities. Marketing Department Head shall provide Product Recall Report to customer or relevant authorities upon their requisition.
  10. If the result is positive, Trading Department Head shall inform respective customer and relevant authorities to withdraw the entire affected products from the market.
  11. The Recall Member shall decide on the method of disposition for the stock which has been recovered. A complete report on all aspect of recall shall be recorded into Product Recall Report.