Tracing of products

1. Coding and records:

NTSF has started identification of raw material sources. All growers commited in business with NTSF are audited, coded in the supplier list. Raw material coming to Company (accompanied with valid documents) will be received and marked by Code of the supplier and the order number of the lot that the supplier sell in the year.

Identification of the product may also require identification of the packing source, other ingredients (food – additives,…) used in processing. For each set of product package, food- additives we will design an appropriate code, all documented in records.

After all, we can link product codes to accounts receiving. This clearly indicates that no identification may lead to recalling more products than necessary.

2. Recalled Product Records

  • * Products that are recalled and returned need to be recorded. Records should include:
    • - Description of the product, for example, product name : IQF farm-raised Pangasius .
    • - Type of product : Fillet, Cut, ….
    • - The amount of the product recalled in kgs or tons.
    • - The date the product was recalled .
    • - Corrective actions taken : reject the lot, destroy or divert to a non-food use.
  • * Products need to be controlled in the plant to avoid re-entry into the marketplace
  • * Recalled product needs to be corrected or disposed of.